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Reply Envelope Response To Senator Rubio

March 16, 2015

Hat Tip to Solly

There is no reason that we all should not use Republican envelopes sent to us with these type of responses.

Hey Marco!

Did you pay back the fraudulent charges you made as chairman of the Florida Repugnant Party on their charge card for your haircuts, etc.????

Hey Marco!

Did you make restitution for the speculative home purchase you and another legislator made in Tallahassee and then got foreclosed on?

Hey Marco!

Have you decided what the fake/real story is on your parents getting chased out of Cuba was? Fidel, or they left on their own? Does your website jive with you stump speeches?

Hey Marco!

Did you get an answer from the Ayatollah yet to your treasonous letter about a nuclear agreement with Iran?

How would you like it if, God Forbid!!!!!!!!!! You got elected and 535 members of Congress started conducting their own foreign policy and started undercutting you??!!!

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