Hoping For A Netanyahu Defeat

There are many international reasons in hoping for a defeat at the Israeli election polls to for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  What he has done to create tensions in U.S. relations with Israel and undermine peace efforts with Palestinians are more than enough reason to lift a glass and rejoice in a defeat.

But for me there is also the joy of a defeat for Netanyahu by sending a strong message about the efficacy of campaigning for office while purposefully bumping up against other world leaders.   The way he tortured the political process by injecting himself onto international stage for pure partisan reasons aimed at his own re-election was unseemly.

Polls close at 10 p.m. — 4 p.m. E.D.T. — when Israel’s news media will publish initial exit polls. The actual count will continue through the night

Get out a nice bottle of wine and let it breathe–and let us hope we have a reason to enjoy it later today.

2 thoughts on “Hoping For A Netanyahu Defeat

  1. pkarm (@pkarm56)

    It is with great joy and the best news for America and Israel that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has won by a landslide. Now he will have to wait two years until America gets a new leader who will work with him and Israel instead of having an American president who is trying to eliminate the people of Israel by supporting terrorist groups such as Hamas.

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