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Republicans Make Recent History With Loretta Lynch Nomination

March 17, 2015

This is simply not the way for government to operate.

It’s been four months and eight days since President Obama nominated Loretta Lynch to replace current Attorney General Eric Holder, but the Senate has yet to confirm her to the post as hurdle after hurdle has emerged in her confirmation battle.

In November, Senate Democrats agreed not to process Lynch’s nomination, which was announced within a week of the midterm elections, until Senate Republicans took control in January. Once the New Year came and Republicans were in the majority, the Senate Judiciary Committee held Lynch’s confirmation hearing, but Republicans quickly used Lynch’s confirmation as a tool to try to fight President Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

Lynch’s confirmation process is the longest of any attorney general nominee in recent history. The longest confirmation process was for Attorney General Edwin Meese III who was confirmed in 1985 after 13 months due to questions relating to his ethical conduct.

There is no conflict over any legal or ethical issue relating to Lynch.  Instead it is pure partisan politics from Republicans who can not seem to abide with their promise last November to make government operate effectively for the American people.

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