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Photos Of Aaron Schock Show He Was Not Your Typical Member Of Congress

March 18, 2015

I like folks with flair.  And there is no doubt that soon-to-be former congressman Aaron Schock had plenty of flair.  He wanted his colorful personality showcased and posted in social media.  That may not have played well with all his constituents but I think there was a certain mood that he brought with his politics that allowed him to be heard by far more than the usual crowd.    That is always good when it comes to political conversations.  I certainly did not favor his political votes or attitudes on policy but I will be the first the admit he brought to politics something that we do not see often enough.  Someone who seemed to love life.   How he paid for that lifestyle is another issue, a legal one, to be sure.  But at the root of who he is there seems to be someone we all would like to know.

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