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Republican Aaron Schock Resigned Without Telling House Speaker Or Staff

March 18, 2015


I must admit to being shocked (no pun intended) to learn yesterday that Republican Congressman Aaron Schock was resigning. Just last month I was praising him, amidst some headlines that were less than flattering.

I much like the fact Congressman Schock, 33, has good taste, and not shy about what he likes.  Too many yahoos who arrive in Washington are just lucky they did not fall off a truck loaded with rutabagas.  They wear boots and pinch snuff and act like buffoons.   Meanwhile Schock is refined and has culture to make him far more interesting than many of those he has to deal with in the halls of power.

Yesterday, however, it all started to unroll for the man who could not admit publically about his sexuality.  And yes, that was a source of concern for me.

Aaron Schock’s Tuesday began with a quiet early-morning stroll near the Capitol with his close friend, Missouri Rep. Jason Smith. Schock, sporting shorts and a sweatshirt, frequently looked down at his iPhone.

Within hours, his once-promising congressional career would be over. Schock’s resignation, effective March 31, came so abruptly that the Illinois Republican didn’t even give Speaker John Boehner or his leadership team a heads-up. Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) had been planning to keep Schock on the GOP’s vote-counting team. Fellow congressmen from Illinois also had no idea.

“He told no one. As far as I know, no other member [of Congress] knew,” Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.) said shortly after Schock’s announcement around 2 p.m. “I don’t even think his staff knew.”

His staff deserved better, if that indeed was the case.  They are the ones who work to provide favorable press and make sure the legislative items proceed forward with speed–or as much speed as can be gained in this congress.

It is hard to determine what went so awry for one who had a most promising political career.  There clearly was far more to the headlines that made the resignation necessary.  The legal fight is far from over–and probably in many ways is just starting for Schock.

But I still think his office was smartly decorated.

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