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Leon Wieseltier Has Great Insight About Media

March 24, 2015

Last evening on Charlie Rose the second part of the interview with Leon Wieseltier was broadcast.    It merits your viewing.

There is no way to overstate how much I agreed with Wieseltier’s view about how discarding long-form writing in magazines in favor of short, snappy, cute pieces aimed at some corporate bottom line is simply abhorrent.

If you have a new bottle, fine.  If you want to pour old wine into a new bottle, OK.  But to throw the old wine out in favor of the new bottle is stupid.  It is that type of to-the-point common-sense views that connected with me and my own long-held beliefs about media and journalism.

Wieseltier had powerful views on the media and he is one to know given the public discord he has had with The New Republic and its new owner.  He was the former longtime literary editor of The New Republic and has strongly rejected the new style of publishing that short changes substance for marketing ploys.

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