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Ted Cruz Problem: He Does Not Have Support From Needed GOP Elites

March 24, 2015

What are we to make of the announcement from Senator Ted Cruz concerning his bid for the Republican Party nomination for the White House?

This blogger has no problem answering that question in a concise fashion.

Cruz has a very small chance to win, and perhaps more to the point no chance at all.

I have followed politics my entire life, and read far too much about this topic given all the other curiosities I have that needs to be explored.   But from what I have learned along the way there is no way to get a political nomination unless the party elites are in your camp.  They are the ones who make sure the funds for the long haul are massed and ready to be used.  They are the ones who pony up the staff who are ready to use their expertise to make a race successful.  The elites also do something that a person like Cruz can never do for himself.  Lend credibility to a candidate who is in dire need of it.

Instead of ingratiating himself with the Republican Party Cruz has went out of his to irritate it and challenge it in ways that has destroyed any sense of fondness or respect for the now presidential hopeful.  No one in the Republican Senate Caucus has a colder reaction offered to them than Cruz.  That is simply not the position from which one starts a successful presidential election.

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