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Lesson Modern Day Republicans Should Learn About Working With A Democratic President

March 25, 2015

A former Director of the Nixon Library has been a long-time email and internet friend of mine.   John Taylor this evening on Facebook asked in light of the recent news about the Iran negotiations what might have happened had the GOP backed the president?  He asked for answers of 25 words or less.

Well, my readers know that is hard for me to do!

This is what I posted in 130 words.

Richard Nixon was a fiscal conservative at a time in 1946 while the congress was isolationist when it came to foreign aid.  There was a need in Europe that required American involvement, and RN as part of the Herter Commission, traveled to Europe to make an economic assessment.   In the weeks that followed Nixon would be a strong advocate of the Marshall plan.  RN knew 75% of his constituents were “resolutely opposed” to foreign aid.  But Nixon understood the facts, and the needs for economic aid to Europe.  He prepared newspaper columns and went out on the hustings to promote the issue of foreign aid.  It made sense then, and history of course shows RN was correct.  He did all this when a Democrat was president.  Let that lesson be our guide.

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