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Steve King And Johnnie Putman Included In WGN Radio Walk Of Fame

March 27, 2015

I called them essential overnight radio. My partner, James, called them his babysitters.  However they are described one thing remains clear.  Steve and Johnnie at times known as ‘Him and Her’ were simply the best at what they did on WGN radio.

Now Steve King and Johnnie Putman was to be honored in the WGN radio Walk Of Fame.  I am super pleased to hear the news this morning.  With over 6,2oo broadcasts under their belts during almost 26 years Steve and Johnnie deserve the honor. I might note those broadcasts were not only a couple of hours at a time, but instead were longer than 5 hour stretches!

I will never forger the time I was interviewed on their program.

Each Tuesday night they devote a portion of an hour segment of their nearly six-hour talk show to the topic of cars.  As such from time to time they like to talk on-air with car buyers about the pros and cons of their recent purchase.  I bought a new VW Beetle in mid-January and contacted them with the news.  Within hours their producer had called me back saying they would be interested in doing a segment on my car.  

It was a blast, and highly conversational in tone.  For about 20 minutes I gave my views on the latest version of the VW Beetle, including the changes in exterior molding, seat design, engine performance, and over-all appeal.  To be honest for a guy who never knew much about cars in general, I have many thoughts about the actual cars I have bought and owned.  It was also good to discover this morning that I am not alone when I name my cars….but that might be a separate post.  It was a real kick to be on the airwaves again, and this time over WGN Radio!    And Steve and Johnnie made it easy and fun.


Steve King and Johnnie Putman

There is much to be pleased with when it comes to the entire group of broadcasters to be honored Friday, May 29th with a ceremony and live broadcast from 1-2pm at the Tribune Tower at 435 N Michigan.  The full list also includes Steve Bertrand, Lyle Dean, Dave Eanet, Franklyn MacCormack, Lou Manfredini,  Ward Quaal, Ron Santo and Eddie Schwartz.

I will have a separate post about Eddie Schwartz as he is a personal favorite from my teenage years and was talked about in my book Walking Up The Ramp.  All the luminaries will be commemorated in bronze plaques placed outside the Allstate Showcase Studio.

An institution for more than 25 years as Chicago’s #1 overnight radio show, husband and wife Steve King and Johnnie Putman featured everything from the whimsical to the technological to the serious on their five to six-hour broadcasts. Their show was a spotlight for music as well, including record releases, live performances and “A Little More Les” segments, stemming from their conversations with close friend and electric guitar creator Les Paul.

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