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Write Your Letter To The Indiana Tourism Association

March 30, 2015

Thanks to a reader for not only writing the letter, but sending it to CP.  Write your own letter and send it here.

I was sorry to see Indiana take a stand against hospitality and decency with enactment of the right to discriminate law. We travel in Indiana 3-4 times per year, sometimes on trips to visit family farther east, sometimes to go to Indiana Dunes, staying in Michigan City as a mid-point and resting stop, playing in the casinos, stopping in Chesterton to get gas and eat at one of several favorite area restaurants. I have attended a conference in the very nice city of Indianapolis as part of my job with the State of Wis. No more. I hate to think that if someone drives up with a rainbow flag sticker on their car, or darker skin and an ancestral name on their credit card they may be denied service by “religious” people. Perhaps Indiana can re-institute separate drinking fountains and toilets, so that the “good people” don’t have to share intimate facilities with heathens and untouchables. Perhaps the bigots will fill your coffers and make up the difference.  

You to can write and send a similar letter and make sure the recently enacted bigoted law in Indiana is repealed.

We can do this, America!

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  1. Solly permalink
    March 31, 2015 10:43 AM

    Gov. Pence(Repugnant-Indiana) is on TV addressing the Freedom to Discriminate law. I can tell he’s lying, his lips are moving. Poor, poor pitiful Pence. It’s all a misunderstanding fueled by the dastardly media. I never knew Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama and Ted Kennedy were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO popular with conservative repugnants, I must have heard him mention them a dozen times as supporters of similar laws, EXCEPT, this law is NOT the same as the federal law, and the “activist” Supreme Court has “interpreted” it far beyond the legislative authors’ original intent. (it’s okay if conservative judges do it). Oh, and pay no attention to the supporters of the bill pushing levers behind the curtain who say the bill will allow them to refuse service, Pence “assures” you it does not. And much like Wanker, when they sign bills pandering to bigots and wack-jobs, they do it in private, rather than trumpeting their “good deeds.”

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