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Free Political Advice For Governor Pence

March 31, 2015

I am currently not being paid by anyone for political advice.  As such I offer a freebie to Indiana Governor Pence who is trying to dodge the incoming blows and slams over his anti-gay signature to a bill that will cause gay people in his state to suffer from discrimination.

Here goes.

Start with stopping the false statements, or as many around the nation have come to know the words you have uttered as lies.  The first thing is to stop the bleeding and that begins with ending the furtherance of more falsehoods about the law.

Second item to come to grips with is that you had to call a press conference to somehow explain how a piece of crap can be picked up by the clean end means you have a huge mess on your hands.  This is the biggest political crisis of your career, and by staying on your current path means your media disaster will not only continue, but get bigger.

That’s my free part to your mess.

Reach out to me for the rest.

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