Will Governor Walker Sign Bill Like Indiana’s Religious Freedom Act?

This afternoon WKOW TV is reporting that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker doesn’t expect a bill similar to the highly controversial one that is roiling Indiana to be a subject brought up for debate in our legislature.  But after having been promised by Walker that there would be no urgency for the right-to-work bill readers might excuse me it I take a moment to ponder the possibilities.

Might it be so far afield to expect Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald and Assembly Speaker Vos to suddenly discover an overwhelming demand and urgent need to pass a law and slam it through in a week.  If they did not need actual data to support a reason for the voter ID bill why would they need actual cases of intolerance against Christians when it came to this matter?

Might it not show ‘presidential timber’ for Walker to then sign such a bill to underscore his allegiance with evangelical voters in the early nominating states?  Perhaps he can gather Sue Armagost, Heather Weininger, and Jullayne Appling around as they all adoringly and approvingly look down on the signature being placed on the paper.  They can clasp the signing pens and use them only to record virtuous thoughts into the margins of their Bibles.

The truth is no one can really rule out the most absurd ideas from becoming a headline in this state.

And is that not a most sad statement to make about Wisconsin which was at one time a model for the rest of the nation to follow when it came to how government operated?  While I do not really think anyone in this state wants to track in the direction of Indiana I also never thought we would discard union protections or full respect for the University system, either.

Our state has come down a very long path that has, sadly, left many voters wondering how deep the woods really are, and if light will ever again break through.

One thought on “Will Governor Walker Sign Bill Like Indiana’s Religious Freedom Act?

  1. Mark E. Bye

    If Iowa caucus voters think it would be a good idea for Walker to sign such a bill, it’ll be on his desk by the end of April.

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