Defining Absurdity In Madison With Young, Black, and “Gifted”

The Young, Black and “Gifted” want a U.N. investigation of the Tony Robinson shooting!!  WMSN TV is reporting that news tonight.   In anticipation of a non-indictment from the District Attorney the group has demanded an international investigation of the Madison Police Department.

Might the next request be that Police Chief Koval be in the Hauge?   But if Dick Cheney is still walking I think Koval is safe.

Clearly the Young, Black and Clueless have no imagination.  If they did a petition for a full investigation by Star Fleet Command and trial at a tribunal held on Cardassia Prime would already be in the works.

I really have to question why anyone considers this group gifted for anything other than making themselves continually look foolish.  Perhaps when the matter of Iran and nuclear weapons is resolved maybe the powers within the UN can find time to locate Madison on the map and proceed from there with this request.

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