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Bob Schieffer To Retire From “Face the Nation” This Summer

April 8, 2015

For every time there is a season.

I knew the retirement of Bob Schieffer was approaching and yet wish it were not true.  He remains my type of reporter and journalist from the old school where knowing how to write a tight informative lead sentence matters when telling a story.  He remains balanced and grounded in getting a solid grip on the fundamentals of a story.  Schieffer also know how to dig and question so to better understand where the story is heading tomorrow.

It may sound strange but every Saturday night for well over a decade I make sure that my ‘Sunday coffee mug’ is clean and ready for a hot beverage come the next morning.  The mug is the official “Face The Nation” one with the logo that was used for years on the famed CBS show and placed in front of those being interviewed by Bob Schieffer.  A great friend sent the mug to me while he visited New York, and the use of it every Sunday morning is now just a long running tradition.  The mug is really symbolic for the deep respect I have for the man who anchors the Sunday broadcast.

Bob Schieffer remains one of those rock solid reporters who I have turned to in times of national upheaval for an honest dose of news.  During election seasons he always demonstrated a long running love of the political process.  He is gifted with political analysis that makes the younger faces around him seen so….well…average.  He has a keen sense for blending his professional journalistic skills with a dose of humanity, and a touch of humor, to make his time on-air well worth my time.  It has been that way for decades.

He never has let me down.

That may be the finest words one can give to a reporter like Bob Schieffer.

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