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Bob Schieffer Replacement Named For “Face The Nation”

April 12, 2015

Last week I stated how I felt to hear the news that Bob Schieffer is retiring from Face The Nation.  Today I can say how pleased I am to hear of his replacement.  John Dickerson is a serious and thoughtful reporter and shrewd analyst.


“Face the Nation” Host Bob Schieffer announced Sunday that CBS News political director John Dickerson will become the new host of “Face the Nation” this summer when he retires.

“Now the obvious question is, who’s going to take this seat? I’m happy to say the answer is my friend CBS News political director John Dickerson, who’s been on this broadcast 83 times and he sure has the right bloodlines,” Schieffer said.

“John, we’re proud to have you,” he said.

Dickerson’s mother, Nancy Dickerson, was the first female correspondent in the CBS News Washington Bureau and was a member of the Washington press corps as an NBC News correspondent when Schieffer first came to Washington in 1969.

“I’m thrilled. I have watched Bob my whole professional life not just as a viewer but as a daily reporter who also covered the Hill. I’m honored to carry on his tradition on Face the Nation, Dickerson said.

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