Chris Christie Scared Of Press Conferences

For all the bluster and bombast that comes with the mafia-like antics of Chris Christie there is now one issue that calls into question just how sure-footed the governor of New Jersey truly is these past months.

Chris Christie has failed to hold an open-ended press conference since November 12, mostly restricting his public presence to town hall meetings.  While I understand his need for a new strategy following his lashing out and political explosions that resulted from ‘Bridgegate’ it does seem to me that his lack of ability to stand before a full press conference makes him now seem overly walled off and scared.

While anyone can sit down with one reporter at a time and run down the clock in an interview it takes another breed of cat to stand and address a full press corps determined to get some answers to the questions that people need to more about from their governor.

Perhaps with some indictments handed down to former aides and confidants in the next few days Christie might sense he needs to tell his side of the story again and heave himself up to a podium and start answering some questions.

Let the cameras roll!

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