18 Beers Later….(Shocker)…A Car Crash

Like so many others across Wisconsin I am so very tired of drunk drivers.  They are stupid, thoughtless, and very dangerous.  The latest example is a Madison man who admits to drinking 18 beers and then getting behind the wheel to drive.  Making this case even more brazen the fool also did not have insurance.

Gustavo Delarosa-Viades, 20, was tentatively charged with his second drunken driving offense, operating while revoked and operating without insurance, Madison police said.  

According to police:

A police sergeant discovered a car in a ditch along South Stoughton Road at about 12:15 a.m. Wednesday.

“He went to investigate and found the driver was asleep behind the wheel,” said police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

The car was not running and the headlights were off, but there was enough front-end damage to activate the air bags.

“After the driver was awakened, he acknowledged he had consumed a few beers prior to the crash, 18 to be exact,” DeSpain said.

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