Boxing: Brutal Violence You Can Pay To See

I think for many adults in this nation we have seen too much violence and mayhem thanks to the thugs in Baltimore.  We do not need to see anymore.

But many in the nation are humming with excitement over the event tonight when two grown men will attempt to knock each other unconscious for profit.  If you are thinking this the moment to throw-up then please know I feel the same.

I must be way out of the loop as I was not even aware until a couple weeks ago that there was even a major boxing event being promoted.  And to be even more frank I was not even aware that boxing was still in vogue.  After all the aim of a bout is to knock your opponent unconscious, or at least get more punches into key areas than they do.  That is so far removed from my sense of what constitutes sport or what makes for humanness that I have no way to even compute such an event.

But people are paying top dollar to watch such behavior, and I am baffled.  What people will spend money on is truly a thing to ponder.

Surely these are not the same people who bemoan paying more taxes for better schools or in any way denounce those who want affordable health care in this country.  Considering that the medical community has denounced boxing for the injuries it can cause there had better be none of that chatter from those who bought the right to view the fight.

Tonight as all those boorish folks who seem to lust for blood sport drink their cocktails and swig their beer I ask they keep something in mind.

Which punch tonight will cause blood vessels in the brain to either fully snap or hemorrhage over time?  Which one of those rips over time will cause microscopic tearing of the tissue around the vessel and perhaps lead to long-term damage?

It’s this tearing that many neurologists  assert is responsible for the mental problems that trouble boxers later in life and lead to a demise into depression, drug and alcohol abuse and violent tempers – all of which are consistent with underlying damage to the brain’s frontal cortex.

I find it troubling that we still condone this barbaric activity in this nation.

One thought on “Boxing: Brutal Violence You Can Pay To See

  1. Solly

    couldn’t happen to two nicer guys, one a homophobe and one a woman beater. at least hopefully they have a few bucks left in the future to pay for their own attends in the memory care unit

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