Mohamed Morsi To Die, Egyptain President al-Sisi To Sleep With One Eye Open

There will be a day of reckoning for Egyptian Presdient al-Sisi.

Following the death sentence handed down today for ousted president Mohamed Morsi there is no reason to think at some point down the road the Muslim Brotherhood will not seek revenge.    And who can blame the Brotherhood for feeling this way?

The outrages that have occurred in Egypt under the leadership of Sisi have been numerous and the blind eye and hands-off approach that too many western leaders have used in their dealings with him is most concerning.

From the time the coup took place and Morsi was toppled from power the political aim was to discredit and demonize him.  There is no way to overstate the way Sisi’s regime has used the judiciary as a tool to oppress the Brotherhood.  That is why it was logical today for Amnesty International to denounce the death sentence as “a charade based on null and void procedures”.

Let us not forget that Morsi was elected fair and square–international observers said so–with 52% of the vote.  With the coup and now the death sentence Sisi is turning his back on common sense, decency, and the world who will find this ruling outrageous.

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