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Death Penalty Dealt Deserved Blow

May 28, 2015

I just can not find a moral reasoning to ever allow the death penalty to be used as a means of conveying society’s revulsion to a criminal for an act that has been committed.  I do not feel that the government has the right to commit someone to death.   I have felt this way for all of my life.  Therefore I was very pleased to see a conservative state turn away from the death penalty this week.

The fact we find some criminal acts to be so barbaric that some wish to turn to death as a way to make a statement about how society feels is a natural one.  I can understand how upset people can be over the Boston Marathon bombing, as an example.  But what I can not understand are those who wish to translate those feelings of anger to an actual execution.  As a nation we must not allow ourselves to taken over by the darker forces that are a part of the human make-up.  We must always strive to be better than those in society who have failed so miserably to live up to a certain code of conduct that we all know to be the best way to live.

I applaud those who came together in Nebraska and showed the nation that we can reverse our policy regarding the death penalty.

Opponents of the death penalty here were able to build a coalition that spanned the ideological spectrum by winning the support of Republican legislators who said they believed capital punishment was inefficient, expensive and out of place with their party’s values, as well as that of lawmakers who cited religious or moral reasons for supporting the repeal. Nebraska joins 18 other states and Washington, D.C., in banning the death penalty.

Though it is not clear that other Republican-dominated states will follow Nebraska’s example, Wednesday’s vote came at a time when liberals and conservatives have been finding common ground on a range of criminal justice issues in Washington and around the country.

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