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Rand Paul Has Problem With GOP–GOP Has Problem With Rand Paul

May 28, 2015

This column by Dana Milbank scored a ten by hitting the mark as to why Rand Paul will not be a factor in the 2016 presidential elections.

But Paul has a problem: He isn’t running for the Democratic nomination. And though Paul may think his Republican Party’s brand sucks, the primary voters don’t necessarily share his view that the party is too old and too white. His candidacy has so far failed to ignite – and, indeed, he seems to be fading as a force within the party.

The most recent national poll, by Fox News, has Paul in sixth place, with 7 percent, trailing Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee and Marco Rubio. Paul averages only about half the support he had late in 2013. Paul doesn’t appear to be winning over young voters – perhaps the most important justification for his candidacy – and does not do better than other Republicans, according to a survey released last month by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics. Even in his home state, a media consortium poll this month found that Paul had lost his lead in a theoretical matchup with Clinton.

Paul’s declining standing can be felt in Washington. Last week, he attempted to reprise his wildly successful 2013 filibuster, which caught fire on social media and forced party leaders to take notice. But this time Paul found indifference as he fought to limit government surveillance. As the Washington Post’s Philip Bump reported, it got only about one-tenth of the Twitter attention that his first effort did. Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who joined Paul’s previous filibuster, openly opposed him this time.

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  1. Solly permalink
    May 28, 2015 1:39 PM

    Dana Milbank is a smarmy hack who writes from his desk regurgitating other peoples’ opinions. I don’t give much credence, and wouldn’t put too much stock in a poll that has Ben Carson as a leading contender 7 months before Iowa. How are Michelle Bachman and Herman Cain doing in the White House? So, a critical measurement for Milbank on important national security and privacy policy is Twitter traffic? What a twit! And, you’d think that a national political reporter who mentions that Mitch McConnell supported the last Paul filibuster (2013) and not this one as an important fact would recognize that McConnell was MINORITY leader last time and now he is MAJORITY leader and anxious to keep the senate train running on time, ironically, as Obama’s lapdog to pass TPP and the “Patriot” act renewal. There were senators on BOTH sides of the aisle supporting the filibuster, Lee (WY) on the R side and Wyden (OR) and Heinrich (NM) on the D side. At least Paul has the sense of history and integrity to do a “talking” filibuster rather than put a hold on bills and then running back to the office. If Paul can turn out even a portion of his dad’s following in Iowa in a crowded field, and do well in libertarian (and open primary) New Hampshire contrasting his positions with Jeb “Iraq invasion was the best idea sinced sliced bread” Bush, Scott “I beat up on teachers so I know how to beat ISIS” Wanker and Marco “I was for immigration reform before I was agin it” Rubio, Lindsay “I’ll see your sending ground troops back to Iraq and into Syria, Lebanon and bomb bomb Iran” Graham” Paul may have the big mo.

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