Absolutely Elections Matter, And Game Of Politics Is Played In Madison Mayor’s Office

Elections have consequences.  As a result politics gets to be played when you are the victor. I like muscular politics, so this caught my attention.

Meanwhile, three members of the Digital Technology Committee saw their terms expire in April. While Soglin reappointed two of them — Mark Evans and Lauren Kieliszewski — he did not reappoint Paulson.

In his place, Soglin appointed Orton, a University of Wisconsin telecommunications professor who has edited and contributed to Soglin’s blog, Waxing America, and appeared alongside Soglin in his press conference on municipal broadband in January.

Paulson said he thinks part of the change is simply that Soglin wanted Orton on the committee, so one of the three people with terms expiring had to go. He said he also thinks it’s partially fallout from the mayoral election.

“I supported Alder Resnick in the mayoral election and Mayor Soglin certainly knew that,” Paulson said. “I don’t think that helped my chances any.”

Soglin said he doesn’t recall why he didn’t reappoint Paulson and said he appointed whoever he thought was best for the job.

As for whether Paulson’s support for Resnick played a role, Soglin said, “I can’t imagine that ever entered into our thinking.”

“I mean, certainly, no one can hold a candle to Barry Orton in this area,” he said.

Paulson said he didn’t want to disparage the mayor; Soglin wanted his person and found a way to get that done.

“In all fairness, Barry Orton has something I don’t have, and that’s the mayor’s trust on these issues,” Paulson said. “Elections have consequences and that’s the way this goes.”

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