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Is Sexual Impropriety At Heart Of Former GOP House Speaker Dennis Hastert Indictment?

May 29, 2015

There are some tantalizing aspects to the indictment of former GOP House Speaker Dennis Hastert.  As many have stated there is something very fishy about Hastert needing to “cover up past misconduct.”

First, is the information about Hastert being a teacher and high school wresting coach being released as part of the indictment.  The very first line in the indictment stands out.

From approximately 1965 to 1981, defendant JOHN DENNIS HASTERT was a high school teacher and coach in Yorkville, Illinois.

I think the answer lies within that sentence.

Second, is this line.  “Individual A has been a resident of Yorkville, Illinois and has known Hastert most of Individual A’s life.”

By now we all are aware that the indictment does not explain precisely what the “past misconduct” is, but instead details at length various withdrawals and financial transactions he made with the unidentified subject. The payments totaling about $1.7 million occurred over a period of years beginning in 2010 and ending in 2014.

There is no way not to speculate on this matter and the pieces that have been revealed thus far without forcing us to ask a very troubling question.

Is sexual impropriety at heart of former GOP House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s indictment?

The other question I have is how could a secret like that which surrounds Hastert have survived FBI background checks and teams of opposition researchers for decades?

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