Republicans Need Science Debate For Presidential Candidates

I could not agree more with the desire of many concerned voters who want to see Republican candidates for the Oval Office address science in the upcoming months.

ScienceDebate is ramping up efforts to host a live presidential debate on science policy in 2016. Their goal is to get candidates on the record on issues such as human health, climate change, space exploration and more.

Over 42K supporters — including lawmakers, Nobel laureates, over 100 university presidents, and many organizations — have signed the petition so far.

Let your name help make a difference.

One thought on “Republicans Need Science Debate For Presidential Candidates

  1. tom

    Personally, I think this would be a good idea. I would suggest that the Democrats hold one on ethics, however.

    One of the important topics they should discuss, aside from climate change, is human development. Considering what science now knows about the ability of an unborn child to think, feel pain, and react to other stimuli. perhaps we can move forward and label abortion to be the hate crime it is.

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