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“How Lincoln Learned To Read”

June 8, 2015


This is one of those books that everyone should read as we tackle the endless search for how to better educate our children, and what values and topics should be taught. What makes for a sound education, and what method best prepares someone to take on the world?

I have now finished How Lincoln Learned To Read by Daniel Wolff and much enjoyed it from start to finish. As with a book of this type there is much to debate and ponder—agree with and disagree with—but one thing is for sure.

The book is timely, and a great read.

Within the pages are the lives of 12 well-known Americans presented in a way to allow insight into how they learned what they needed to know. From Ben Franklin to Elvis we gain knowledge of their childhood education both in and outside the classroom.

While the stories are loosely related to each other it offers a broad perspective that encourages us to weigh classroom teaching and experiences from our daily life to create the mix that leads to ‘being educated’.

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