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Supreme Court Knows Jerusalem Is Not Settled Policy

June 8, 2015

A very important ruling was handed down by the Supreme Court today. The justices ruled that the president has the final word in  long-standing foreign policy dispute involving U.S. passports, Israel and the status of Jerusalem. In the 6-3 decision the court ruled the president has exclusive power in matters of recognizing a foreign sovereign.

The battle was clear and there was no way to arrive at a final decision other than to rebuff those who have the role of Jerusalem clouded in their thinking.

For a very long time the State Department under both Republican and Democratic administrations have just plain refused passport requests to list “Israel” for Americans born in Jerusalem. The reason is straightforward.

The status of Jerusalem remains unresolved. Period.

End of conversation for those who are trying to make a mockery of passport laws and boundaries for a nation that has always been a source of controversy. Both Israelis and Palestinians claim the ancient city as their capital and the U.S. policy has long been that listing Jerusalem as being part of Israel would hinder negotiations between the parties.

Those who push the Israeli arguments over and over and think there will be no push back now understand there is at least one line that cannot be crossed.  Thanks to the Supreme Court.

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