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Barbara Bush Was Not Thinking Of Son George

June 9, 2015

This struck me as funny and worth sharing. Barbara Bush celebrated her 90th birthday yesterday and was interviewed for the Today show.   I read a portion of the interview rather than watch it and the last question that I post below just screams out for notice.

There is NO way she could have been referring to George!

JENNA BUSH HAGER : “You’re known for your pearls.” …

BARBARA BUSH: “The pearls are to cover the wrinkles, which they no longer do. You can’t wear pearls all over your face. And the white hair was because I wanted to play golf, I wanted to play tennis, I wanted to swim. And my hair turned, as I’m sure someone else will tell you, orange, green, yellow, depending upon how much chlorine in the pool. So I decided to go white.”

BARBARA BUSH : “I’ve promised that during this next campaign season, I will not talk. … No, I won’t give any interviews. … I don’t tweet. … No Instagram. … I’m not gonna be musing about someone who does something stupid in the campaign. … I’m gonna stop voicing my opinion and sticking up for things I think are right. Except my boy. I think he’s brilliant.” …

JENNA BUSH HAGER: “I assume you mean Jeb.”


Right, indeed.

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