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Keep Lester Holt At NBC Nightly News

June 11, 2015

Anyone with a concern for professional news room ethics can only conclude that Brain Williams must not be allowed to return to his anchor position for NBC Nightly News. There are lines that must not be crossed when taking on the role of journalist and reporter.  Yet Williams seemed to challenge that fact continuously.

Lester Holt has demonstrated for years why he is a solid reporter and a trusted presenter of the news. That stability and high-minded approach to the news is crucial in this era of an ever-more fragmented society where everyone seems to line up based on political beliefs.

It is my hope that NBC jettisons Williams completely from the network. It is also my hope that Holt becomes the official anchor of the weekday broadcasts. I also think it only proper that Holt be paid the same amount that Williams was making for the anchor duties.

What happened at NBC reflects on more than just Williams.  His actions hurt the majority of reporters who hunt for the news and tell it as forthrightly as the facts provide for.  By not living up to that code of his profession he must be removed from NBC.

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