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Erik Larson Interview Sheds Light On Topic Selection And Strange Reunion Invitation

June 14, 2015

Erik Larson simply astounds me as a researcher and author of highly readable and much-loved books about history.  Over and over I have raved about his work on this blog. I have spent many pleasant hours with each of his books, and would recommend any one of his works in a heartbeat. This weekend he was interviewed as part of a book fair in Chicago by Rick Kogan who is well known to readers of the Chicago Tribune and to WGN radio listeners.

Larson speaks about the way he finds new topics to write about along with his invitation to a family reunion of the killer from Devil In The White City. There is simply no way to turn away from the 46 minutes of this presentation.  I suggest to my readers they also discover why it is also so hard to put down one of his books once the pages start to turn.

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