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Reaction In Madison’s Marquette Neighborhood To Police Force Used In Drug Arrest

June 17, 2015

Though I love the area where I live one does have to question how closely connected some are to reality.  The latest example are those who now voice concern over the level of police force, along with the type of large vehicle required to make sure that the arrest of a drug dealer was made following the entry into a house.  Having been in the mix of events as it played out yesterday I readily admit to being unnerved but in no way do I place those feelings at the feet of the police.  Rather I place blame for those feelings where they belong–with the criminals who came to my neighborhood and felt they could do as they damn well pleased.   Well, screw that idea.

So when I read a few comments from some in the area on a list-serve about the level of police force needed I offered a response that came off my fingertips in seconds.

One has to be aware of the potential threat the officers faced with what was described as a hardened criminal with a long list of crimes committed while armed.   Had a less then powerful police force been assembled and those officers then not able to make the arrest and the criminal started firing with an array of weapons into the neighborhood one can only assume what the reaction from this list serve might have been.

I sat eating breakfast outside several months ago and witnessed a young boy almost hit by the car of a drug dealer as it raced out of control down our street.  So it is not hard to fathom how I now need to  swallow my bile when reading the term “invading” when it comes to law enforcement putting an end to this trash that moved into our neighborhood.     

I can assure anyone wishing to write about being scared over a police vehicle—no matter the size—that it is far less unnerving than wondering if gun play will follow the drug deals that took place in front of our home right on the street from a car that had customers coming and going.    These were some serious players in the criminal enterprise that thought they could set up shop in this area of young and old.  The police department with their investigation knew full well the potential for harm when they served their arrest warrant–and used the measures required to make it happen.

If people want to get all high and mighty over the need for ever more police equipment why not start by calling your congressman and senators and demanding sensible gun legislation so police do not need to confront every sort of crazed weapon that people have an itch to own.   Work to stop the manufacture of so many guns, their sale, along with limits on ammunition sales, too.     But that takes work and it is easier to just label on the list serve what happened in our neighbored as “militarized police prowling, or even just occasionally invading”.

I am simply appalled. 

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