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This Is Why I Blog–From Arrow Rock, Missouri

June 20, 2015

Most bloggers wonder what impact they have on readers.  It is a natural question since following the news, thinking about issues, and then posting to the world takes time and a level of commitment.   Today a reader from Arrow Rock, Missouri who follows Caffeinated Politics on Facebook wrote me a note.   I was very appreciative of her kind words.
I want to thank you for being so generous with your posts about so many important issues. I don’t normally read news and yet I like to have an ‘idea’ of what is going on. So many things you write are things I think about and you are so good at making sense. An example is about the ‘gun control’ issue. I live in an area where people like to hunt and some even like to collect guns. They are just guns…not mass murder guns and these are my close and healthy friends. I have tried to get them to understand what my issue is about the ‘lack’ of gun control and they become so defensive that I can’t get my point across. I shared what you wrote and they not only got it, they agreed. I just wanted you to know that you really help me think. Thank you so much!


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