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Yup, Call Scott Walker Unintimidated!

June 22, 2015

A comment that was written by Solly and posted this evening on my blog sums up all there is to say about Scott Walker and the confederate flag issue.

This just in……………..Gov. Scott Waffler, (R-No Integrity) NOW says he supports removing the confed flag from the S.C. statehouse grounds, even BEFORE the funerals are done, which he said people should wait for before discussing the issue. He also said he’ll get rid of the $3500 in donations he received SINCE 2011 from the white supremacist whose organization’s website influenced the Charleston shooter. Unintimidated! 

There is simply no way Walker looks good on this issue which he failed to take leadership on this weekend.  It looks so weak-kneed and overly political to enter the mainstream thinking after being  publically embarrassed over the matter in the press.  If I were a donor, had clout in the Republican Party, and watched events play put over the past few days one thing would be clear.  Walker would not be the type of person I would want as the nominee of my party.

First I would want someone fast enough on their feet to be able to see where an issue such as the confederate flag was likely to go given the dynamics that have played out last week.  Second, I would want someone who showed a reasonable way forward when confronted with a thorny issue.  Third, I would want someone with a better moral compass to lead my party.

On each point Walker falls flat.

At the end of the day this flag issue and the way Walker failed to address it underscores a central theme that does cut to the core about how voters perceive presidential candidates.  What is the relationship, in this case, between Walker’s character and his potential presidential leadership?  If it is true that our political process reflects who we are, as do our politicians, then it is fair to ponder deeply the inability of Walker to answer the question about the flag before everyone else had taken a stand.

This episode shows that Walker has no vision other than a political one that he thinks allows him to better maneuver a way to the nomination.  The Republican Party needs a better-hearted nominee than Walker.

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