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House Speaker Boehner Gets Tough On Right-Wingers in Congress

June 25, 2015

The gloves are off.

Speaker John Boehner is now doing what needs to be done to bring the conservative yahoos in his caucus into line.  There is nothing to be gained with having the power of speaker and then pussy-footing around with elements in your party that is hell-bent on undermining and destroying all you work for.   It is time the teabaggers get knocked back into place in the house.

For the first time in years, Republican leaders feel they have the political capital to truly fight back against a small group of dissenters within their ranks. Senior members of GOP leadership say they are finally ready to impose the no-nonsense management style they’ve long believed in, but resisted fully instituting.

Congressional perks must be earned. Trips abroad are a privilege, not a right. And good luck getting legislation if you cross leadership.

That’s not all. Failing to pay member “dues” to the National Republican Congressional Committee could cost a committee gavel.

Senior GOP leadership figures repeated the same line: The right-wing dissenters want all the perks but none of the the responsibility of being in the majority.

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