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Scott Walker Has Tough Road Ahead With Women Voters

June 25, 2015

It is not shocking after the way Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has treated women’s issues that he now has some serious blow-back as he attempts to become president. There are just too many sensible moderate voters who understand the need for women to have the freedom to make health care decisions with their doctors to then agree with rhetoric that passes from Walker’s lips.

What one has to watch with Walker is how he uses slippery language and the art of confusion when addressing matters that impact the lives of women.  Since there is no way to forthrightly make his pitch without digging his political hole even deeper with women he tries to dodge and duck.

Like every single other GOP presidential candidate, Scott Walker has absolutely no idea what to say when it comes to why he doesn’t support laws that ensure women are paid equally as men for equal work. So instead, Scott Walker employs the good ol’ trick of deflecting to talk about how Democrats measure their success by “how many people are dependent on the government, how many people are dependent, on whether it’s Medicaid or food stamps or health care or other things out there.” That’s right, instead of saying he believes women should be paid equally as men, Scott Walker calls women’s wages government handouts, fails to answer the question, and offends half of the human race.

The problem with Walker’s strategy is that there are not enough angry white men to catapult him into the White House.   He has angered and frustrated women for years and seems unable to find a way to communicate with them or come to terms with what they want from leaders regarding the issues they care about.

Walker may be in the top tier of Republican candidates–whatever that means–but given most polls show candidates clustered tightly with a mere difference of only a few percentage points separating them means that he is still a longshot for the nomination.  But once the balloting starts and moderate Republican women weigh in Walker will finally realize that his treatment of them was not his best political tactic.

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