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Strong Court Ruling For Health Care Subsidies Is Bad News For Conservatives

June 25, 2015

Today President Obama and the American people secured a strong win when the Supreme Court ruled that the subsidies through the Affordable Health Care law are allowed for all citizens.

At the time of the hearing before the court in March I noted in my lead paragraph in a post on this blog that that the four liberals on the bench need Justice Kennedy, and that Chief  Justice Roberts said hardly a word.

What happened today was the broad and powerful ruling was written by Roberts, and Kennedy joined in the 6-3 ruling. I had also stated that in cases like this the intent of congress is paramount, and that is exactly what the judges decided.

Roberts—without saying so—must feel strongly that those people who have a beef about the health care law need to go out and win some elections. In other words Republicans cannot rely on the courts to do the work that should be done in the legislative branch.   Like so many others Roberts too must feel that this case should never have been started.

But the problem with the legislative route for conservatives is that more and more people are signing up for coverage under the law and it becomes ever more problematic in threatening to undo it.   People who are covered find the law not to be the awful tangle of fear and intrigue that conservatives have tired to paint it for so long.  The fear of Republicans that this law would be viewed as etched in stone is becoming more of a reality.  Following this ruling today that is the only logical conclusion.

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