Bigoted Donald Trump Perfect Problem For Republican Party

Anyone who watched only the snippets of Donald Trump’s announcement that he is now a presidential candidate for the Republican nomination knew he was aiming more for personal ego- stroking than anything serious politically. The guy is a nut.

But even nuts can cause damage. In this case, Trump damaged his party and himself.

With language that no one with any serious notion of being a candidate would ever make he went out of his way to insult Hispanics and Latinos. He disparaged people crossing the border as “bringing drugs… bringing crime… rapists,” to our nation. It was simply appalling.

In one harsh brush stroke Trump as a Republican candidate smeared 54 million people.   The GOP which has been trying to find a solution to the national electoral problem they have with these voters started to sweat. And rightly so.

Meanwhile the rest of us–which included huge swaths of the nation who are not Hispanic–sought a remedy.

Today we found it.

NBCUniversal cut all ties to the bigot with the God-awful hair. In case you want to know how he combs that mess check it out here.

The Miss USA pageant, scheduled for July 12, will no longer air on the network. Nor will the Miss Universe pageant, scheduled for next January. Both pageants were, until now, jointly owned by NBC and Trump.

Lets be honest about these shows. They have no where to go as no broadcast operation is willing to throw a lifeline to a bigot because there will be a severe backlash. (One can also make a clear line of reasoning why pageants are outdated and ridiculous.)  In others words the only person who thinks a piece of crap can be picked up from the clean end seems to be Trump, and it now seems like he is holding a bag of pure poo that no one wants.

The GOP deserves to have the problems that comes with Trump.  Too many of them have not divorced themselves from the anti-immigrant rants from the far-right crowd of angry white men.  They fail to understand how they are only assets to Democrats in national races.

Trump is an idiot and while the majority of the country understands that there will be just enough Republicans who keep his numbers afloat to make him a thorn for the GOP—a thorn that will not be forgotten in the general election.

Democrats could not have engineered a better mess for the Republican Party if they had tried.

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