81 Things Mike Huckabee Has Denounced

This is a great political read.  A real list.  With Huckabee I am surprised they only came up with 81!

This list, which is an annotated catalog of things and people that Huckabee has over the last four decades decried as unwise, unhealthy, un-conservative, un-Biblical or un-American. It runs to 81 items. Which is not all of them. But it’s enough to show the risk of a life spent passing moral judgments for political gain.

Here is a sample.

31.) Overbearing security at airports. “Bend over and take it like a prisoner!”(2015, in the same book).

32.) Profanity, as a root cause of mass shootings in America.  “Mass profanity has always been a harbinger of mass violence.” (1998, in Huckabee’s book “Kids Who Kill.'”)

33.) Abortion, as a root cause of mass shootings in America.  “Desensitizing.” (1998, same book)

34.) Violence on TV, as a root cause of mass shootings in America. “The average American child watches 8,000 made-for-television murders.” (1998, same book).

35.) Problems at the U.S.-Mexico border. “My plan to secure the border? Two words: Chuck. Norris.” (2007. Huckabee made that joke as he was being endorsed by action-movie legend Chuck Norris, who has killed at least 102 people onscreen).

36.) Lack of religion in schools, as a root cause of mass shootings in America. “Should we be so surprised that schools would become a place of carnage.” (2012)