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Do Not Take Angry Donald Trump Seriously

July 17, 2015

People want to feel inspired when it comes to electing a president. They want to see the sunny possibilities of the nation. That is why Presidents Kennedy, Reagan, and Obama were such popular victors.

So it strikes me as most odd that the angry bombastic and bigoted Donald Trump seems to only be able to gain traction with hateful and spiteful comments.   That tactic may sell within the Republican Party but even then we know it will not work for long with the establishment wing who wants to have a winning hand come the general election.  Furthermore the nation is not about to condone or allow Trump any space to operate in elected government.

So what can be said about the place in the polls that Trump now holds, and how that plays in the weeks to come?

The magnificent Donald Trump has soared, bald-eagle-like, to the top of Republican presidential primary polls. He’s now in second place, behind only Jeb Bush, with what The Donald might call “the highest 13 percent ever recorded in human history” in polls conducted since he announced his bid for the presidency last month. So how seriously should we take the Trump “surge”? The take-Trump-seriously logic goes something like this: There’s a lot of anger in the far right of the Republican Party, and The Donald is successfully tapping into it. But the polling points to another, less sexy story: First, Republican voters don’t rate Trump as all that conservative, and second, he’s actually polling about equally well among all sections of the GOP. In Trump speak, this means he is loved universally; in reality, the broad, shallow nature of Trump’s support suggests it’s due mostly to near-universal name recognition, thanks in part to being in the news more often than the news anchors.

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