Decorah Bald Eagles Nest Tree Downed In Severe Thunder Storm

Awful news this morning coming from Decorah, Iowa.


The nest of the famed Decorah eagles and the tree that housed it, known as N2 took a devastating hit in a thunderstorm last night and was toppled as a result.  The storm broke off the eagle nest about twenty feet below the nest. All three young eaglets that fledged several weeks ago are accounted for and one adult eagle has also been seen regularly.  

The larger questions remains to be answered.  Where will the eagles build a new nest? Is the camera equipment and infrastructure ruined?  But we know that the eagles endure all hardships and will build again. We’ll just have to be patient and see what happens as the months continue.

At the time of the storm N2 was not really being used. The young eagles were using other trees to perch, learning their lessons on how to fish and hunt, as well as flight and chase lessons, and it would only be a few more weeks before they will eventually disperse and head off to follow their own destinies.

Still this is a shock and sadness for those of us who have followed this nest and the young birds of prey that have called it home over the years.

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