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When Did Scott Walker Decide To Be Straight?

July 19, 2015

There is no end to the senseless ramblings of Scott Walker, the Wisconsin Governor with a severe case of Potomac Fever.

The latest example is his response to a question that seems more than relevant in light of the debate over the Supreme Court same-sex marriage case, and the harsh policy decisions of Republicans in the recent past over gay rights

Walker when asked if homosexuality is a choice said he was not sure.

Said Walker: “I don’t know the answer to that question”.

That is simply absurd.

The last refuge for those who try to undermine civil rights for gay people or play to a bigoted segment of the primary audience they are trying to woo for a presidential race is to state or infer that people choose to be gay.  To not answer the question forthrightly only provides cover for dismissal of a whole section of the nation–a nation that Walker wants to lead as president– from  basic human rights and dignity.   For too long people like Walker have worked over time to make it seem that being gay is a choice and by so choosing this “lifestyle” we deliberately mock the rest of society and work overtime to create strife.

It is truly sad to see Walker continually play the anti-gay card in his public statements be it a reaction to the court decision, or the policy decisions of the Boy Scouts.

Before Walker decides to wade into the waters of human sexuality again in a public way he might want to answer the question himself.  In so doing it might add a dose of humanity to his political character.

So, Mr. Walker, when did you decide to be straight?

  1. tom permalink
    July 21, 2015 9:51 PM

    Well, I think that people are born gay or straight. This position is intolerant; however, because to anyone who has been paying attention there are now many different sexualities: gay, strait, queer, poly, asexual, bi, ego dystonic, fluid, D/S, and a long list of others. Are all of these part of an individual’s DNA? I don’t know. Things are changing pretty fast for the son of a Baptist minister. My point is that as lame as Walker’s response is on the question, maybe it demonstrates that his ideas are evolving.

    When you look at the not too distant statements of Obama and Clinton on the issue, its pretty clear they only changed their tune for political expediency, so how deep is their change. I’m pretty sure that if public opinion turned against the LGBT community, they would follow in a heart beat.

  2. Solly permalink
    July 21, 2015 4:24 PM

    While it’s always tempting to reply to a troll, sometimes I find it’s not worth the keystrokes, like Mark’s angry delusions, misstatements and ramblings. Rather, let people read it and recognize it for what it is. And, take comfort that the Julaine/Mark demographic will soon be passing on into insignificance. I DO like his two degrees of separation from Jesus. Jesus>Scott Walker>Mark. I wonder why if God told SW to run for president, he would be a long shot. Did God place a bet in Vegas?

  3. July 21, 2015 11:23 AM

    I am most delighted with the court ruling and the amazing speed that this nation has moved towards accepting gay people, gay relationships, and now same-sex marriage. Being 53 I have lived a swath of history from days of gay bashing to walking with my partner hand-in-hand down the streets of Madison. When we first met 15 years ago we had every hope for marriage and with the hard work and efforts of so many–many who just lived lives openly and brought their partners to family reunions and holidays and church services and made it just one more couple among others–all have brought us to this point in our proud moment of history.

    I might note that you want to come across as a righteous man with Christ somehow in the mix in your life and yet resort to unchristian use of words about the leader of the nation. Clearly you do not heed to the words of the Bible. But then there I go assuming you have read the Bible

    Finally if you are buds with Julaine tell her it is time she starts living authentically, too. She can be free, too.

  4. Mark Sevelis permalink
    July 20, 2015 10:23 PM

    Instead of accepting the recent same sex SCOTUS ruling with grace and dignity, much of your writing is very sour and bitter.

    In many cases–but not all–homosexuality is a choice. If I am stuck in prison, I might get bored “beating the bishop” to relieve tension and–by choice–decide to engage in homo sex. Upon leaving prison–for good behavior–decide to re-engage in hetero sex which is the way I was born. I was also born left-handed but by choice I can write right-handed.

    There are also people born gay from Day One. Few if any gay people are conservative Republicans. They are all liberal Democrats.

    Give Governor Walker some credit: he has out-smarted all of the pointy-headed liberals in Madison AND without benefit of a college degree. Walker gave the correct response at this time of the campaign that you find “insulting” to gay people. Recall that President Obastard was against gay marriage when running for office in 2007. The same applies to Hilliary Hildebeest. But to a person like you, Greg, this duplicity is acceptable because they have a “-D” after their names. You only object to people with “-R” after theirs.

    Greg, were you at Barney Sanders’ campaign appearance in Madison? Did you notice there were no black or brown faces in the crowd? I saw the photos in a Cap Times article in which all the people were reeling and reveling in their White Privilege–or White Guilt.

    I was actively involved with passing the “one man one woman” amendment to our state’s constitution. I am well acquainted with Julaine Appling. My purpose was not to deny you of your rights. I campaigned because of something you lack, Greg: it was a matter of conscience for me to oppose same sex marriage. I think you cannot understand that concept because to a liberal, everything is expedient politics of the moment.

    Living by one’s conscience is a trait that I share with Scott Walker. By the way, the only person more honest and truthful than Walker is Jesus of Nazareth. Don’t lose heart, Greg. Walker’s presidential campaign is a long shot. We need him here in Wisconsin to irk the tar out of you libs. I’ll put my money on the two candidates from Florida and Ohio.

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