Free Speech Takes A Severe Knock At Charlie Hebdo

I am disappointed at the news from Charlie Hebdo concerning the content of their famed cartoons.  My problem with this move is that the type of content they were once comfortable in using to make a point has now been limited.  Each publication or site can make any rules they choose, but to alter rules that have been so public and the stuff of headiness for years, does make one concerned–naturally–about free speech.

The top editor of Charlie Hebdo, the satirical French magazine that was attacked by Islamic extremists earlier this year, told Stern Magazine that they will no longer draw cartoons of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Laurent “Riss” Sourisseau gave an interview with the German magazine that Charlie‘s intent for defending their cartoons had nothing to do with being “possessed” by Islamic criticism, but to make a point about how free speech permits them to draw what they want.

“We’ve done our job. We have defended the right to caricature,” Sourisseau said. “We still believe that we have the right to criticize all religions. The mistakes you could blame Islam for can be found in other religions.”


One thought on “Free Speech Takes A Severe Knock At Charlie Hebdo

  1. It is sad to see them lower the flag. But free speech is largely slipping away: campus speech codes, the attacks on commedians via social media, the conformist pc culture. All of these and many more factors are contributing to the problem. I certainly can’t blame Charlie Hebdo, but I don’t tell anyone to shut up.

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