How Much Money Does It Take To Run For President Of The United States?

This morning there was no way not to be slack-jawed when reading this newspaper story.

Right to Rise, the super PAC supporting Jeb Bush, estimates it will cost nearly $60 million just to run 10 days’ worth of advertising in the first 30 primary states. That doesn’t include turning on the lights of campaign offices and filling them with full-time staff dedicated to identifying supporters and getting them to vote.  The expanding roles of super PACs and a condensed nominating calendar are fundamentally transforming the way the 2016 primary campaign will be conducted.

Because delegates will be allotted to candidates based on their percentage of the vote until March 15, there is a chance the nomination remains up-for-grabs even after March 1. And the tight timeline means it will be difficult for an underfunded candidate, like former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum was in 2012, to score an early win and collect enough money to get on the air in the March 1 media markets.

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