Jeb Bush Deserves Credit For Good Government Idea

I am always pleased to call attention to the ones who stand up for making the governing process more able to work and meet the needs of the people.  As such it needs to be pointed out that GOP presidential candidate Job Bush has endorsed an idea that deserves to be fully discussed as it is a most worthy proposal.

Bush believes that members of Congress should disclose their meetings with lobbyists and refrain from lobbying former colleagues for six years after leaving office.

Under the current laws former senators are barred from lobbying their former colleagues for two years after leaving office. Members of the house need only wait one year.   One of the problems with this charade is that these former members are allowed to work under a different title than lobbyist and still are able to arm-twist and cajole elected officials.    The other more obvious concern are the deals and bills that are made with current members who carry water for lobbying causes that they then hope to make large salaries from later as a lobbyist.

So Bush is correct when he states that the whole culture of Capitol Hill needs to be focused on and challenged  to do better.

It is not a sexy topic, and not certainly something Joe six-pack is drawn to know more about, but how government operates does impact his life.    I hope that Bush can use his national time on the stage to speak clearly to this topic and allow more to understand how their government works (or does not) is just as important as what is or is not passed into law.   If that topic is fully explored more people will see that the two parts of that idea loop around into one circle.

Good luck, Jeb.  This is one time we agree.

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