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Good News From Washington, The Center Holds, Country Comes Ahead Of Partisanship

July 26, 2015

The Senate voted 67-26 today in order to advance a measure that will allow for the resuscitation of the Export-Import Bank.  This was most important as it has been languishing since the end of June when its charter expired.  Make no mistake about this win as it took Democrats and many establishment Republicans–the very members of the GOP who I have always encouraged to work for the higher needs of the nation and gain control of their party from the right-wingers–who have been pushing for its revival.

There are still battles to fight before we can claim victory over the bank.  The Senate is moving to attach the bank charter to a highway funding bill, which the Senate and House are deeply at odds over.

But for a partisan congress that often seems unable to walk and chew gum at the same time this was a most crucial vote.

This is the way Washington once worked, and needs to work again.


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