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Defending Scott Walker

July 27, 2015

There is an old adage that you have not really worked in broadcasting until you have been fired once. It now might be said of the 2016 Republican presidential candidates that one is not really in the race until being attacked by Donald Trump.

If that is true, than Scott Walker is now a real contender for the White House.

He moved onto Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. He said that the state of Wisconsin is doing “terribly” and accused Walker of being a flip-flopper.

“He was totally in favor of Common Core,” Trump said. “Scott Walker changed when he saw he was getting creamed.”

Trump said he was retaliating for nasty comments made by a Walker fundraiser.

“Today I read this horrible statement from his fundraiser guy about Trump, and I say, ‘Finally, I can attack. Finally,'” Trump said.

Lord knows I am no fan of the Wisconsin Governor.  I have many serious concerns over policy decisions that he has made over his time in office.  I have questioned the way his election for recall was funded and supported the John Doe probe.

So I find it odd this morning after reading the comments from Trump that I feel like, “Back off dude, and leave him alone.”

Donald Trump can bring out the truly weird in all of us.

My reaction comes from the way Trump is running for president, and not over issues that are and should be a part of any election. I have been stunned by the bombastic and nasty way Trump uses the campaign process to get headlines.  It seems that Walker is now in the verbal line of fire from the billionaire, and should expect more.

To say that since the Walker campaign was critical of Trump now gives license for another attack to begin in the campaign is offensive to me. Sure I know how the real world of politics operates. I also am well aware if there is any one with a record to complain about it would be that of Walker.

But instead of attacking Walker how about proposing some alternatives and working to make people want to pay attention to the political process instead of being repulsed by it?

Walker at least, for all his faults, does not make people wonder how he became so nasty, or wonder how much dirtier he plans to go in his hunt for the nomination.   Walker may be wrong far more than he is right but I would want to chat with him over coffee on my front lawn.  Trump would never get past the terrace.

I suspect I am not alone in finding Trump so loathsome that I feel it important to come to Walker’s defense over the tone of the election.

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  1. Doug permalink
    July 28, 2015 2:46 PM

    I for one applaud Trump for finally revealing some of the truths about Walker. As Christian Schneider pointed out the other Republicans will be loath to talk about the failures of Walker’s economic policies because they are the very same policies that all of them would use as well. But Mr. Trump has no such filter. He is not bound by the “feed the money to the rich” religion that passes for Republican economic policy. Someone on that side of the aisle must attack Walker’s record if only so that some of his followers can’t write off the criticism as liberal garbage.

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