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Harsh Review For Edgewater Boathouse: Single-Occupancy Restroom For 100 People

July 27, 2015

Rarely have I read a more biting critique of an eating establishment in our Madison press.    I am not sure how others are impacted by such reviews but living in walking distance to this place will help me determine were to eat, and where not to.

The atmosphere is faux-nautical and we would have had a great view of Lake Mendota, had it not been obstructed by other diners.

The four of us were rather humorless after a half an hour had gone by with no sign of our appetizers. When we asked about them, you could tell our very friendly server had forgotten to put in the order. She came back promptly with the chips with guacamole and salsa ($6) that we ordered.

One tablemate thought the guacamole was straight from a Trader Joe’s box, but I gave it a little more credit. I liked both the guac and the semi-watery salsa, but we all agreed it was shabby to serve the two dips in little plastic cups. It would be easy to upgrade that.

Another tablemate plucked a hair from the tortilla chips, but didn’t make a big deal of it.

The Waldorf chicken salad sandwich ($8) with grapes and walnuts on overly supple light wheat bread was a near miss, overwhelmed by mayonnaise.

My daughter ordered the “burger jr.” ($5) and it was certainly a junior portion — almost comically small. It came with chips. She held it up to laugh at it, but had no complaints about the taste.

The wait for our main courses was nearly as long as our wait for the starters, and the problem may lie in the hassle of getting food from the first floor to the second. Installing a dumbwaiter could help. 

It’s also wise to go to the Icehouse to use the washroom. The Boathouse, which is in the building across from the main hotel, has just a single-occupancy restroom, which is inadequate for a restaurant that seats 50 on its terrace and another 50 inside. (It should be noted that others have said the Icehouse restroom is then 75 uphill steps away.)

I left somewhat mixed on the experience, but my companion who ordered the chicken salad sandwich was more critical. “There were so many things wrong with that meal, I don’t know where to begin,” he said.

Said my other adult companion, “You can’t beat the view, but the food has a ways to go.”  

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