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Reasons Joe Biden Might Still Run For President

August 2, 2015

I would welcome Joe Biden into the presidential race.  I supported him during a previous race in 1988.   I have always liked and admired him.

Here are some reasons as to why he might run.

 So what happened to change Biden’s mind? Based on several sources close to him … here are the reasons: 1. Friends’ encouragement … 2. The Clintons … [P]rivately, he looks down on what he regards as a political/money-making machine. He sees the Clintons as far more interested in cash and clout than in doing good. … 3. Polls … [T]he polls in early August show that he has at least a plausible path to relevance, if not victory. …

“4. Media dynamics … Clinton has terrible press relations; Joe Biden has held a genial, family-style summer picnic for reporters and their families for years. … 5. Schedule Both parties agreed to push back the start of the caucus and primary season this cycle … 6. The Irish: It’s been a long time since the descendants of the Kennedys ran American politics, and Biden, in a way, is the last of the old breed. … 7. Can’t Let Go.”

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