William F. Buckley and Norman Mailer And So Much More

There is a continuous treasure trove of programming on Book TV which is found at C-SPAN2 each weekend. My DVR is stacked with interviews and presentations that prove to be timeless for enjoyment and learning.   I could post many offerings each week but time would not allow.

There is however reason to create a fast post over Kevin Schultz and his book Buckley and Mailer: The Difficult Friendship that Shaped the Sixties.

There is more than enough here to capture people from both sides of the political aisle, but more importantly engage the listener, and most likely the reader of this book too, to the high-minded nature of debating and differing–without being mean and senseless in the process.

I have written before about my sincere appreciation for William F. Buckley and how I much enjoyed watching his program Firing Line as a teenager.  This book and the tone Schultz sets for the reading audience seems to underscore everything I have long felt about Buckley.  He was certainly from a different side of the political aisle than myself, but proved that being a gentleman was more his guiding star than his politics.

Thomas Friedman Would Be My Choice For Type Of GOP Debate Moderator

We all understand that FAUX News is not a serious journalistic operation.  This is not an opinion, but established fact.  Rather, the network is a political operation intended to promote and serve the Republican Party  and conservative causes.  So while the GOP presidential debate will be pure theater and while there is no way anyone should miss it we also need to keep in mind that the anchor and moderators are doing the work of  Roger Ailes.  Enough said.

So in the best of what I know journalism can be comes the column from Thomas Friedman, one of the most learned men who ever took to newspaper writing, with a question he would like asked at the debate.

As part of a 1982 transportation bill, President Ronald Reagan agreed to boost the then 4-cent-a-gallon gasoline tax to 9 cents, saying, ‘When we first built our highways, we paid for them with a gas tax,’ adding, ‘It was a fair concept then, and it is today.’ Do you believe Reagan was right then, and would you agree to raise the gasoline tax by 5 cents a gallon today so we can pay for our highway bill, which is now stalled in Congress over funding?

Best Quote Of The Day

Fox News’ Chris Wallace says what we all know to be true, and what every GOP candidate on the debate stage fears.

“We don’t want to make it the Donald Trump show, but it is.”

Lester Holt Getting The Job Done

I like it when there is something good to report for one of the reporters/anchors who deserves respect.

In his first sweeps month as Nightly News anchor Lester Holt gave the NBC broadcast its biggest July audience in 10 years, and its best in the age group 25-54 demo since 2013. Holt officially took over the show six weeks ago but has been anchoring since February when Brian Williams stepped aside from the show.

There is so much solid professionalism with Holt.  In addition, he is just my type of person.