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After GOP Debate Less Reason To Think It Will Be Scott Walker’s Nomination

August 6, 2015

It is a long time, with many hurdles ahead, before any one of the ten candidates from the Republican debate Thursday night will stand in that same arena next summer to accept the GOP nomination.

But from what was seen last night Scott Walker has his work cut out for himself.

It comes as no surprise that I am not a Walker fan. But I can say with candor that I expected a more robust and determined Walker to make sure that he was the candidate voters would be talking about Friday morning.   Based on Walker’s lackluster debate performance there is no chance for national headlines to be written about him.

With every chance to bat a question into the outfield Walker trimmed his time and hedged with how much information he wanted to provide with answers. Instead of loading up responses with facts and figures to show that he has mastered at least the ability retain pieces of information about various topics he instead resorted to the trite language of his campaign stops.

There have been legitimate questions asked about how capable a person Walker would be if elected president. How much intellectual heft does he really have? Voters and more importantly donors needed to be assured that he was more than the male version of Sarah Palin.

What Walker needed to do during his first exposure on a national stage was to show that he had the same level of credibility as those with a much longer and more impressive resume. He failed to do that. Quite frankly I found Walker no more impressive in the evening debate than I found former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore in the afternoon debate.

I yawned several times and checked the clock to see how much more I needed to endure during that first offering from FOX News.  When it came time for the evening debate I was truly flummoxed about the lack of ability from Walker to live up to the hype of his campaign.

There was no moment that lifted Walker above the fray and elevated his presence on the stage. The many times that he was caught in a wider camera angle nodding like a bobblehead to the responses from others made him more akin to a kid who is dazzled by those around him and wondering how he will write about the big night in his diary.  Walker never looked like he could be president.  And that demeanor is important for many around the nation who are starting to turn their attention to the GOP field.

If I were to look more charitably at the debate I might conclude that Walker’s handlers felt that with limited time for candidates to make points given the large number on the stage is was a better tactic for the governor to do no harm. Short and to the point responses would not allow for Walker’s lack of deep background knowledge on the world or economic policies to show. Given Walker’s past gaffes perhaps those advising him felt that less would be preferable to longer and more detailed responses.

In the end it was not Walker’s night. It also looks like there is less reason to think it will be Walker’s nomination.

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  1. Susan Frost permalink
    August 7, 2015 8:36 AM

    Probably should have stayed home from the fair, as my mother used to say.

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