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GOP Afternoon ‘Kiddie Debate’ Was Uninspiring

August 6, 2015

There was simply no news or anything of merit that made the ‘kiddie debate’ this afternoon among the bottom seven GOP candidates worthy of mention.

I was struck that Perry was over-prepared and lost any natural connection with his speaking style.   Jindal panders too much to a desire to be seen as ultra-conservative rather than smart. He is a Rhodes Scholar but comes off as a Bud beer drinker. Graham wasted his time with going off the road and trying to make larger points he somehow felt needed to be made.

If there was one person who stood out–simply due to the fact she was a woman among six white men–it was Carly Fiorina.  She made it seem that there was a world view inside her head if only she would have had the time to voice it.  I am never able to understand why she is not more of a presence in the polls.

I did have serious reservations about the first group of questions posed by FAUX News moderators that were aimed at asking why the seven were even still in the race. It seemed, even to this liberal Democratic voter, an odd and rather smarmy way to lead off a debate.  To me it was not sound journalism or aimed at making use of the allotted time.  Even for the ‘kiddies’.

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